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I just reread, found errors and made changes

Mother: a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth.

I was always a mommas boy. I’ve been thinking about the last years of my life. My innocent living fell through when I was just twelve. Braces, fresh off, gleaning. But no one saw the same smile for four years. My fears of a perfect family breaking apart, came true. Meth was the silver lining to my reckless and emotional demise. My mom was addicted to crystal meth. A drug that killed 217 San Diegans in 2012. That was the year my mom was forced to rehab. I went to see her the same year, I was always a mommas boy, when I got to the rehab facility, she saw me, face stared at me blank. Her voice, monotoned, told me about how she was living and how a fellow roommate, put in the same night my mom was enrolled into rehab, tried to commit suicide. I finally was able to sit and talk to her with a mediator. She didn’t dare look into my adolescent eyes. I told her that I loved her. She didn’t retort, not even a single bone dry fucking word. I was always a mommas boy. Tears streamed down my face and past my hidden gleaning teeth. I thought you loved me! I screamed. Nothing. I was always a mommas boy. Sickening. Tears poured even more furiously onto my poor contuor countenance, the tears didn’t feel normal though. They felt like thick silky blood. I was dragged off from my mom. The only words she said was I’m sorry in her monotoned, clone like voice. Those two words were heard for the last four fucking years of my furious life. I was always a mommas boy. The car ride home was quiet. I got home and fell onto my bed. I curled myself under the covers and hid my face from the frantic world. I’m still under those covers. I was always a mommas boy.